Embellish the Interiors & Exteriors with Texture Coatings across Melbourne 

Texture Coatings are an inseparable part of Australian architecture as they add charm and substance to any property in the minimal cost and effort.

External Coating Systems enable the walls to withstand temperature fluctuations and also protect them from UV rays, water, fire & harmful pollutants. We often surpass customer’s expectations while providing Plastering and Coating Services in South East Suburbs of the city due to our commitment to excel and the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

We use high build Acrylic and Elastomeric Coating Products manufactured by Dulux, Rockcote, Unitex, and Wattyl Granosite to achieve a durable, flawless, and visually appealing wall texture.

 Get a perfect Wall Texture in Dandenong and nearby regions

It is not unusual to notice cracks in the rendered walls, but if left unattended, they can accumulate moisture and accelerate fungus growth. With suitable Wall Coating Applications, substrates remain free of cracks, stains, as well as thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Texture Coating Systems can be used for indoor & outdoor walls, ceilings, fences, balustrades, retaining walls, and various other surfaces.
  • You get numerous options for thicknesses, colours, textures, and styles and can also avail tinted Texture Coating Systems as per your preference.
  • No need to get concerned about cracking, flaking, and peeling with our texture coatings that are applied exceeding the industry standards.

Whether it’s a new house or a renovation of an existing one, texture finishes offer a long-term solution at reasonable prices. These non-toxic and easy to maintain coating systems give a vibrant look and feel to the walls.

From different techniques and apparatus, viz., Trowel, Brush, Roller, and Spray Gun, we use the one which can get your desired texture. You can opt for a granular, i.e., sand finish, smooth or any other texture for your lovely home and office.