Top-notch Cement Rendering Services from your Local Rendering Experts in Dandenong

As the outer walls of your home become the primary target of the scorching heat, gusty winds, and the heavy rainfall, they should be sturdy enough to handle such situations without getting damaged.

Therefore, rendering is performed on all exterior walls, using a mortar which contains a higher proportion of cement as compared to interior wall plaster mix.

We have executed simple and complicated projects for Acrylic and Cement Rendering across South East Suburbs of Melbourne for many years and have got fantastic results every time.

We offer effective, sustainable and affordable rendering solutions for residential and commercial buildings of varied sizes and uses.

Our qualified tradespeople consider your project as more than just task and hence they – 

  • Use high-quality material and time-saving tools & techniques.
  • Conduct the job of rendering in a systematic process.
  • Focus on achieving the desired outcome within budget.
  • Transform the exteriors of your home completely.

We use Dulux AcraTex rendering and coating systems for ensuring durability, cost-effectiveness, and above all peace of mind. 

Avail following benefits with our Rendering Services in Dandenong

Local Rendering Experts


Rendering provides numerous benefits to the exterior side of the walls, i.e., the skin of your building by making them –

  • Water-resistant – The rainwater doesn’t make its way through the walls to the inner premises and also doesn’t dampen the walls.
  • Weather-proof – The walls stay unaffected and don’t form any crack due to high temperature, snowfall, storms, and humidity.
  • Fire-rated – Rendered walls don’t let the flames pass through them and hence stop the spreading of fire to the other areas.

Along with functional aspect, rendering also enhances the look of your home, as a variety of texture coatings are available for applying to the walls.

We can carry out rendering, using traditional as well as contemporary methods and coatings, depending on your taste and the property age & type. The surfaces treated with cement rendering in Melbourne look quite sophisticated, but, if you wish to change it into something fancy, we can use coating products or blend the paint into rendering mix to give your house a spectacular exterior finish.