High-Performance Hebel Panels and Blocks for your property in Dandenong 

Hebel not only inherits the good qualities of bricks and wood, such as strength and design flexibility, but also overcome their shortcomings with its fire resistance, thermal efficiency, environmental sustainability, lightweight, and other properties.

We supply and install Hebel Panels and Blocks across Melbourne in small and large residential, commercial, industrial and civil buildings.

Cement, sand, lime, gypsum, water, and the expansion agent (the magic ingredient) go through the tough process and become Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). CSR is the sole manufacturer of AAC products in Australia, which it sells under the brand name ‘Hebel’.

The customers trust our services for Hebel or AAC, just like they trust our Plastering and Coating Services in Dandenong and adjacent South East Suburbs.

plastering and coating

Why is Hebel an ideal building material in Melbourne and overall Australia?

The AAC Systems have the edge over other masonry products and therefore are suitable for all the types of construction structures owing to the virtues mentioned below:

  • Strong, Durable, and Versatile
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic properties
  • Low impact on the environment
  • Resistance to fire and water
  • Less deadweight on the structure
  • Workability and Low Cost

Our team installs Hebel Panels and Blocks to build Walls, Floors, Roofs, and even Lintels at sites of new construction as well as Property makeovers.

Hebel products get a nice finishing look through Painting and Rendering, and therefore we also provide services for Plastering and Coating in Melbourne for all the houses, offices, low-rise & high-rise apartments, and other structures where it is used.